Travel/trial pack
Travel/trial pack
Green on blue hand dyed canvas travel pouch
Blue zippered canvas bag with product selection

Travel/trial pack

$ 24.99 USD

Take Fabula Nebulae with you the next time you travel! Or - if you like to try before you buy - this one is for you!

Our limited edition, hand-dyed, blue canvas zippered traveler's pouch, filled with smaller versions of our most popular products.



0.5 oz Quiet the Storm Salve

1 oz Muscle and Joint Soother

1 oz Cheering Citrus Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit Ginger Lip Butter

0.75 oz Original Natural Deodorant (tea tree + lavender)



Yes! Just tell us what you'd like to swap in the order notes while checking out.


P.S. This pack ships for FREE!