Our Story

Fabula Nebulae began with two (now three) small bottoms and quite a bit of sensitive skin that needed healing. Backgrounds in science and research directed our search for the perfect (natural! non medicated!) product. 

Ultimately, we made our own: Salve to Quiet the Storm. A soothing and calming concoction, it is the base for all our products, except the sugar scrubs. 


Our Company

We are a small business, entirely family owned and operated.

From creating the recipes, growing the herbs and infusing the oils, crafting the products, special engineering the equipment, designing the labels, developing the website, photographing the goods and the process, to communicating with and shipping to our wonderful customers - every single step of the process is touched by our own hands.

It’s an extended family collaboration.   

Our Ingredients and Products


All our ingredients are all natural, primarily organic, and fair trade whenever possible.

Our recipes are created with great attention to detail; from the purposeful choice of every single ingredient, to the selection and monitoring of ideal temperature for mixing, pouring, and storage, to the choice of non-reactive equipment. All our products are carefully crafted by hand. 

We shop for you the way we shop for our own family - conscientiously choosing ingredients of only the best quality, but spending wisely, not frivolously. 

Giving Back

No matter what area of life, one of our family core principles is making sure we do our part to leave a better world for our children. We looked at many organizations; one clearly stood out. 

As they state on their website, “The Bee Informed Partnership is a collaboration of efforts across the country from some of the leading research labs and universities in agriculture and science to better understand honey bee declines in the United States.”

Click the image below to find out more.

Bee Informed

Their mission and efforts align closely with our values, our personal concerns, and our products. When you purchase our products, you join us in supporting their important work.