Think of Someone

Think of Someone

Think of Someone free giveaway nomination campaign

Fabula Nebulae Gift Bags in the Sun

Before there was a website, before the lovely labels and business cards, it was just a jar of some pretty awesome stuff. A recipe born of necessity, much research, experimenting, tossing, tweaking - until we liked the result so much, that we shared our creation with friends.

In the five years that we've been building Fabula Nebulae, we've continued to share our creations with friends who had babies, or itchy skin, or cracked hands, or were just going through a difficult time. 

The greatest joy, indeed, has come from having a simple way to brighten someone's day just by saying: hey, I'm thinking of you!

We don't want that to ever end, and we want to give you the chance to spread a little joy as well!

If you think of someone, fill out the form below. Once every month we'll be sharing a little something with a person nominated by a visitor to our shop.