Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do your products need to be stored under certain conditions or at a certain temperature? 

A: Keeping our products at room temperature is fine. Storing them at a moderate temperature, avoiding lots of humidity and direct sunlight will keep them fresh longer.

Q: How long will a container of your product last me?

A: A long time! Most of our products are olive oil based, and we use only high-quality, effective ingredients — a little bit goes a long way!

Q: What is the shelf life of your products?

A: Shelf life varies with different products and is listed on each label. Once opened and in use, most products are good for 12 months, and sugar scrubs are good for 6 months.

 We don’t use any chemical preservatives, and the way a product is stored and used will affect its shelf life. In general, if it smells good and looks good, it’s good to use! 

Things you can do to keep the product fresher longer: use clean, dry hands to help avoid contamination, keep the product lid closed, store in moderate temperature to avoid melting or freezing and away from direct sunlight. 

Q: The product melted/is grainy/looks a little different compared to what I bought previously.

A: Our products are made with all-natural ingredients, without any chemical stabilizers or preservatives. If the product melted, popping it into the fridge or freezer should make it as good as new! Its efficacy will remain unaffected. In extreme cases (such as sitting in a car that's hot enough to cook eggs and bacon on the dashboard), the ingredients of some products (such as lip butters, anti-chafe balm, deodorants, etc) may separate, rendering them less effective.

Any little bumps or grains that appear are likely the result of shea butter being ornery. We take additional steps to prevent this by tempering the shea butter prior to use and flash freezing products after pouring. However, extreme shifts in temperature sometimes happen during shipping or storage (such as if the product is left in the car during summer or winter), and that can cause the shea butter to clump into granules. The product is still perfectly safe to use, and the granules will melt on contact with skin. 

Because our products are made with real flowers and herbs, at times there are slight variations in the color from batch to batch. The quality remains unchanged. 

Q: Are your products safe for kids? What about pregnant or nursing moms?

A: Our products are made with the safety of every family member in mind! The essential oils, especially, are carefully chosen and their amounts carefully calculated. All the ingredients are listed on the labels, and products containing essential oils are labeled with the ages they are safe to use at.

In general, most products are safe even for babies, most aromatherapy balms are safe for ages 2+, and the insect repellent can be applied to the skin of kids ages 3+. We do recommend you always check with a health care provider before using products on babies under 6 months. 

Our products are formulated to be safe for use while pregnant or nursing, though we always recommend checking with a health care provider before use.

Q: Can people with sensitive skin/allergies use your products?

A: We’ve made all our products with sensitive skin and sensitive noses in mind! Every ingredient we use is listed on the label (and on the website), so be sure to check if you have a specific allergy. If you are using a product for the first time, we always recommend doing a patch test first: apply a small amount of product to clean skin on the inside of your wrist or elbow or behind your ear. Avoid washing the area, and watch it for at least 24 hours.

Q: Your Natural Deodorant worked great, but then my armpits got red.

A: The most common reason for a reaction to our Natural Deodorants is a sensitivity to baking soda. This is generally not an allergy, but an irritation caused by the alkaline pH. Our formula is neutralized somewhat by the skin calming salve that is the base, and many people who are sensitive to baking soda in other natural deodorants are still able to use ours. For those that still develop an irritation, we’ve made a baking soda free Magnesium + Charcoal deodorant.

Q: Will your deodorant stain my shirt?

A: Our deodorants rub in clear, even the Magnesium and Charcoal deodorant. They are olive oil based, and should not stain more than conventional deodorants, which are generally made with mineral oil and petroleum. In the case of any residue, we recommend treating it as you would a grease stain from food: washing the spot with a bit of dish detergent and laundering in the hottest water that is safe for that fabric, making sure the stain is gone before drying in an electric dryer.

Q: What if your products leave stains on my clothes or linens?

A: Most people have found the products don’t stain when used sparingly; even the Charcoal deodorant rubs in clear. If you do find you have a grease stain, you can treat is the same as an olive oil stain from food. We recommend you prewash the area with dish soap before laundering in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric, and make sure the stain has been removed before drying the item in an electric dryer, as that can set a stain. 

Q: Can I return the item I ordered?

A: For shipping and return related questions, please read over our Shipping and Return Policy. If you still have questions - contact us and we'll be happy to help!