COVID-19 Update

Last updated Nov. 12, 2021


Hello friends,

What crazy and uncertain times these are. You have all been on our minds as we strive to do our part to keep everyone safe and our online shop open. We're in this together, and we're just going to take it one day at a time until we make it through to the other side! 

These are some changes we're making. 

Last year, we separated our production from our shipping facility, as we had already planned to streamline our offerings. At this time, orders are carefully packaged and shipped by a team of one (with help as needed from those living and self-isolating in the same space). As a tiny family business, we do not have any additional employees outside of our extended family, and are able to adjust in ways that still allow for everyone to be taken care of. 

Pausing: With the wobbly state of the world right now, we've come to the decision to pause (what had previously been continuous) production of most everything but our most popular items. That means many products will be available only until they sell out, at which point we will re-evaluate before mixing up another batch. 

Quiet the Storm: This salve is our most popular product by far, and one that some of you have asked specifically about. If our supply chain remains unbroken, we do plan to continue making it. Even so, there may be short periods when it is sold out. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these new waters together! 

Hang in there, friends! Stay safe and stay healthy, and know that we appreciate you so very much. 

Hugs from afar...The Fabula Nebulae Family ❤️